Download Teamviewer 8 here:

    TeamViewer 8 lite/free installer

The install wizard begins. Select 'Install' (not 'Run') and check the box at bottom 'Show Advanced Settings'. Click Next.

Select 'personal/noncommercial use' -> Next

Check the boxes for both agreements -> Next

Select 'Yes' you want to later remotely access this computer -> Next

Select 'Full access' -> Next

Uncheck all components (remote print, VPN, Outlook meeting) -> Next

Accept the default directory, do not change it (progfiles\teamviewer\version8) -> Next

Accept the default startmenu naming -> Next

Cancel the unattended access dialog box, you don't need this feature

Teamviewer should now be running and displays your ID and password as a string of numbers in the left window. Leave the program running & provide me these numbers so I'll be able to access your computer and complete whatever repair is necessary.